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Welcome to Fate/Alternate D2Edit

Welcome to Fate/Alternate Dota 2 mod custom game page (A.K.A F/Alt D2), this is a page of information about the latest changelogs, news and guides to our FAD2 game.

We are focused on letting the player to get more knowledge of the game skills, updates, and also having mini-guides for the new players could pick up this game more easily.

Edit: This wiki is very outdated, please enter this discord link to learn more about the game.

New Player GuidesEdit

Are you new to Fate/Alternate D2 or Fate/Another itself? click here to learn more.

Familiar with the game a little now? Then proceed to here to get better at it. It is a must read for people who wants to improve, especially new players. (Special Thanks to Kk A.K.A Slithen for creating this wonderful guide)

Update Patchlogs Edit


Servants Edit

Archer (4th): Gilgamesh

Archer (5th): Emiya Shirou

Assassin (5th): Sasaki Kojiro

Archer of Red (Apocrypha): Atlanta

Assassin (Extra): Li Shu Wen

Assassin of Black (Apocrypha): Jack the Ripper

Avenger: Angra Mainyu

Berserker (4th): Sir Lancelot du Lac

Berserker (5th): Heracles / Hercules

Caster (4th): Gilles De Rais

Caster (5th): Medea

Caster (Extra): Tamamo no Mae

Lancer (4th): Diarmuid Ua Duibhne

Lancer (5th): Cú Chulainn

Red Saber (Extra): Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus

Rider of Black (Apocrypha): Astolfo

Rider (4th): Iskander / Alexander III of Macedon

Rider (5th): Medusa

Ruler (Apocrypha): Jeanna d'Arc

Saber: Arthuria Pendragon

Saber Alter: Arthuria Pendragon

True Assassin (5th): Hassan I Sabbah

White Saber (Extra): Gawain

Latest activityEdit

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